Four Tips for Planning Food for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be initially confusing and stressful, especially since, many who are have never arranged one before. Amongst the tedious choosing of details in floral arrangements, sending out the invitations to hundreds of family and friends, and picking the dress, wedding planning can seem daunting and almost impossible to handle. Even picking the delicious food and cake out can be a task. Instead of letting something enjoyable turn into a stressful hassle, here are some tips and information below to help you out with food planning to make the experience a little smoother:

1) Start Early:
This can sound like an obvious tip, but this can not be stressed enough. Planning food for a big event like a wedding requires lots of time in advance. It is generally a good idea to solidify your budget as soon as possible. Your budget drastically impacts the type of food venue you can book. You would not want to go food tasting and find something you love, only to realize it is completely out of your price range. Additionally, even if your first food choice is within your price range, booking early is essential if you want to ensure you get your first pick. Generally 12 months in advance is the safest option.

2) Use Experience for Inspiration:
If you’re getting married, odds are you have been to a couple of weddings in the past. Think about your favorite meal arrangements from past weddings. If you find one that really impressed you, call up your friend or family member and ask for food venue contact information. It’ll make your tasting options a lot easier.

3) Choose an Appropriate Amount of Appetizers:
The entrées may be important for the wedding dinner, however, do not under estimate how much social activity and joy a diverse selection of appetizers can brew up. For wedding catering in Las Vegas click here. People will constantly be stimulated by all the flavors, and waiters will not stand around aimlessly since people will not be bored of all the options. At least four appetizers is good, but seven is recommended. With that many appetizers going around, people will be excited to try everything out and socializing while picking off each others plates, testing each appetizer.

4) Go With Diversity:
The more options, the better. You do not want that embarrassing moment of a vegetarian or vegan sitting awkwardly when they cannot eat your wedding dinner. You don’t want picky children in the family to complain. And most importantly, you do not want people to not have other options if they have allergies. Make sure you have a diversity of meats, vegetables, sides and desserts to accommodate the needs of all friends and family.

Post by Hosteria Verde – Austin, TX Wedding Caterers